Our Program

Our passion for the Simmental breed stemmed from the traditional red and white's combined with our Angus cows back in the early 70's when Charles and Ruth Hart, along with their 7 children, sold bulls, rams, boars, geldings, had the state's only AAA milk parlor, and sold eggs and garden produce all at the exact same time!

The black simmental cattle were the up and coming trend setter and the demand was high and when the drought of 1976 consumed the crops, Charlie sent Kerry out on the road at 16 to show at every major show and jackpot held that summer. With limited funds, the knowledge of hard work, and the opportunity for a underage upstart, provided Kerry with a ton of down time allowing him to study the industries leading showmen with the tricks of the trade and he drank it all in and by the end of the show circuit, he was right along side of the very best and was in his element.

He gained many accolades in his craft and became widely known as being a perfectionist and by the time he was 18 he had his own string of show animals with the National Western Stock Show becoming his playground and by the time the later 80's and early 90's rolled around many national championships were tucked into his belt.

They sold private treaty in the early days, but as their stock gained in popularity it was clear to them that they needed to expand into the bull sale scene and haven't looked back.

We have seen many changes in over 50 years of being in this industry and by the time YTK put a scare in Charlie- he had decided that the year 1999 would be our last time bringing to finest to the Denver Stock Show, they left Colorado with winning their class of carload Angus, Reserve Champion pen of 3 Charolais and Grand champion pen of 5 Simmental, a personal achievement for the whole family.

As the fads came and went we have stayed a steady ship with our philosophy of keeping our main body of our herd purebred and with the excitement of many seed stock producers being seduced by a new trend in the percentage side of game.

We have been a steward of the American Simmental Association performance advocate and the advancement in technology with Carcass Merritt and Expansion programs, Total Herd Enrollment, Maternal Trait Genetic Trends, Cow Herd DNA Roundup, adopting the very first to offer an all video sale with no animal being run through a ring and being one of the first to have the entire herd tested with Genetic Enhancement.

As we move into a more technological era with data being just a fingertip away, it is important to understand why adopting these programs is a tremendous tool to improving the accuracy within your program and gauge the performance of all individuals weather male or female against each other and at the end of the day, it is monumentally important to know where your cattle stand to make the most advancement for profit.

We are genuinely interested and proud to learn how our success is your success and helps us understand what works for our demographics an what doesn't work. When everyone is successful it is a win win for the Simmental Breed.

Hart Simmentals

We have the largest selection of registered purebred black Simmental cattle that you will find in the country.